The Vforce reed valves improve the performance of 2-stroke engines. Below you will find the current range of Vforce 3 and Vforce 4 valves for dirt bikes.

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Vforce reed valves have been one of the most popular tuning parts for 2-stroke bikes for years. Due to the optimized design, the reed valve provides more power and better throttle response. Also, the carbon petals wear less because they only have to travel half the distance of the standard valves. 

V-force versions

The company behind the Vforce valves goes through constant development and testing to bring new innovations to the market. The company has become well-known with the Vforce 3 which is still available for most 2-stroke dirt bikes. The newer Vforce 4 is a further optimized design with: curved valves, wider inlet and longer valve stops. These improvements provide increased durability and more power. The all-new VForce4R models feature a rubber piece on the petals that drastically extends the life of the carbon petals while creating a superior sealing surface. Finally, there are the all-new VForce4Ri models. This model has a modified inlet for better airflow which greatly improves performance. The VForce4Ri is currently only available for selected minis.

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