Motocross Gear

V1mx has a wide range of motocross gear available from top brands such as: Answer, Alpinestars, EVS and Sidi. All motocross equipment categories are shown below. On the bottom of this page you will find more information about the mx gear.

Why is good motocross gear important?

The most important feature of motocross gear is the protection of the rider. A lot has changed in terms of protection and damping in the last 10 years. Motocross helmets not only protect against linear impacts but also against rotational forces created by an angular impact. In addition, the motocross boots are also further developed with extremely flexible constructions, until it exceeds the natural range of the body and offers a lot of support. All these improvement of motocross gear makes riding a lot safer. You must be able to rely on the protection so you can ride to your maximum potential. In addition, good motocross gear also contains many features that improve the performance of riders. For example, the freedom of movement with protectors and motocross pants or the ventilation system in a motocross helmet. In order to enter a motocross track, it is also mandatory to wear motocross gear, which differs per country. In short, good motocross gear is important because it reduces the risk of injury and helps the rider perform.

Motocross Gear Set

You can compose a motocross gear kit yourself, with the separate motocross pants, jersey and gloves. It is also possible to order matching motocross gear combos in one package. There is a lot of price difference between the most expensive and cheapest sets. This is caused by the large variation in materials and technical properties. The most difference can be found in the motocross pants. For example, there are advanced 4-way stretchable materials used in motocross pants that offer maximum freedom of movement. Motocross pants with advanced knee designs also provide improved freedom of movement and offer minimal energy consumption. Furthermore, the difference of pants are mainly found in the waist fastening, wear resistance and heat protection on the inside of the knee area. V1mx provides information about the characteristics of all mx pants, so you can easily choose one that meets your requirements. A motocross jersey is made of ventilated material to cool the rider. The degree of ventilation and fitment are the main differences in jerseys. Pre-curved sleeves and elbow paddings are other features that you will find on more expensive motocross jerseys. There is also a lot of variety in the motocross gloves. There are standard motocross gloves with ventilated material and palm material that provides good control over the bike. In addition, there are also special gloves for enduro riders. These are made of a thicker material to provide more protection. For cold weather some motocross gear companies produce winter motocross gloves. These are mostly made of neoprene and offer good insulation and sealing.

Motocross Goggles

motocross goggle protects your eyes and ensures you have good visibility in off-road conditions. The goggles are designed to be placed in the eyeport of a motocross helmet. There is also a wide range of accessories available for the goggles, to make sure you have good visibility during a full moto in sandy or muddy conditions. V1mx has motocross goggles and accessories available from top brands such as 100%, Scott and Oakley.

Motocross Boots

A good motocross gear kit is not complete without a set of motocross boots. These are designed to protect your lower leg, ankle and foot from impacts. Motocross boots must offers a lot of freedom of movement in the normal range of your ankle. As soon as you bend it too far, the boots must block the movement and absorb forces. Good motocross boots have a perfect compromise between flexibility and support. Finally, it must provide a lot of grip and control over the dirtbike, to allow you to ride optimally. V1mx has motocross boots available from the best brands, such as Alpinestars, Sidi and Gaerne.

Motocross Helmets

motocross helmet is one of the most important parts of your motocross outfit. It protects your head during impacts and provides room to place a motocross goggle. V1mx has motocross helmets available for all riders, from beginner to professional. The technology found in a motocross helmet determines whether it offers good protection. This varies from the material in the outer shell to the damping system. More information about the technical properties can be found in the helmet category. Another factor that has a lot of influence on the protection is fitment. It must connect well around your head, so that any impact is distributed over large area. With top brands like Bell, Airoh, Just1 and Alpinestars there is always a helmet that meets your requirements.


Motocross protection is available in many shapes and sizes. One of the most popular parts of motocross gear and protection is body armour. The body armour protects your chest and back from impacts. A variant of the body armour are the protective vests. This is a jacket with different protective components which are connected by a ventilated construction. Knee guards are also a very important parts of your motocross gear. The knee guards protects against impacts and are designed to work together with your motocross boots. You can also choose to wear a knee braces. This is an advanced knee protector that not only protects against impacts, but also against twisting of the knee, which can be harmful to your knee ligaments. If you regularly ride at high speeds and try big jumps, it is also recommended to wear a neck brace. A neck brace is designed to keep forces away from your neck and prevent the neck from bending too far. A full list of motocross protection can be found in the V1mx webshop.


Motocross and enduro are two different off-road disciplines. Most motocross gear can be used for offroad riding, but special enduro equipment is also available. For example, there are enduro boots available with extra grip soles and enduro jackets that keep you warm on long trail rides. The special enduro gear is available in the separate enduro department of V1mx.

Motocross Jersey Printing

Getting your name and number on your motocross gear has never been easier. The motocross jersey printing is available from only €19,95 and can be ordered directly with your new gear.


In addition to motocross jersey printing, V1mx also has buttpatches and legpatches available. These are sewable logo’s or text that fit on the motocross pants. A buttpatch protects your motocross pants, so you can use them longer. In addition, they give you that unique appearance, just like riders in the motocross world championship. You can have a fully customized patch designed or choose from the 100 designs available in the webshop.

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V1mx has a wide range of the best motocross gear from brands such as Bell, Alpinestars and Answer. Do you have a question about these products or about placing an order? Please contact the customer service. We would be happy to help you.