Motocross protection

The right motocross protection is an essential part of your motocross gear. At V1mx you will find a wide range of neck braces, motocross body armour, knee and elbow protection. We offer the best brands such as Alpinestars, EVS, Atlas and Mobius. Check out the current range of protection below.

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UFO Reactor 2 Body Armour - Black
€ 82.60 € 107.40 -€ 24.80
UFO Reactor 2 Body Armour - Blue
€ 82.60 € 107.40 -€ 24.80
UFO Reactor 2 Body Armour - Grey
€ 82.60 € 107.40 -€ 24.80
Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck brace - Red
€ 206.57 € 289.21 -€ 82.64
Kenny Titanium Knee Guards
€ 57.81 € 74.34 -€ 16.53
Alpinestars A6 Body Armour - Black / Red
€ 144.59 € 156.98 -€ 12.39
Alpinestars A10 V2 Body Armour - Black / Red
€ 214.84 € 231.36 -€ 16.52
EVS Option Elbow guards White
€ 22.27 € 30.54 -€ 8.27
EVS Option Elbow Protection Fluo Yellow
€ 22.27 € 30.54 -€ 8.27
UFO Off-road Protection Jacket (S/M)
€ 82.60 € 181.78 -€ 99.18
Alpinestars A10 Full Body Armour (XS/S)
€ 148.72 € 206.57 -€ 57.85
Scott D3O Softcon 2 Knee Protector
€ 82.60 € 90.87 -€ 8.27
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Besides motocross helmets and motocross boots, there is a lot to think about when you want to ride fully protected. The motocross protection has to provide optimal protection to the rider while maximizing comfort and freedom of movement. Below you will find more information about the three most essential parts of your motocross gear.

Neck Brace

Motocross neck braces are designed to move away forces from the neck. When your helmet hits the ground, it will tilt and touch the upper surface of the brace. Forces are then transferred from the helmet through the brace over a large area on your chest and back. This helps to reduce the chance of neck injuries. V1mx has a wide range of neck braces available from top brands such as Atlas and Alpinestars.

Body Armour

Getting roosted by the rider in front of you can be painful and limit your ability to follow and make the pass. Therefore, the right protection for your chest and back is essential. But modern motocross body armour does a lot more than just protect against stones. Advanced products are designed to protect against impacts during a crash or when another rider hits you. With the wide range of motocross protection at V1mx you can ride well protected and with confidence.

Knee Protection

There is a wide variety of knee protection available for motocross riders. The most popular knee protection are the knee guards. These are designed to work with the motocross boots to provide full impact protection from the toes to the upper leg. You can also choose to invest in a motocross knee brace. The braces are designed to not only protect against rocks and roost but decrease the chance of torsion injuries during a crash. Check out our knee protection page for more information about these advanced motocross protection products.

Shop Motocross Protection

Still have a question about a product or about placing an order? Feel free to contact the V1mx customer service. We would be happy to help you choose motocross protection that meets your requirements. By offering protection from the best brands in the business, V1mx wants to make sure that everyone can ride to their potential while being optimally protected.