Motocross Knee Protection

Kenny Titanium Knee Guards
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Scott D3O Softcon 2 Knee Protector (M)
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Knee Protection

Your knee has a hard time during motocross and enduro riding, it is therefore important that your knee is optimally protected. V1mx offers several products so that each rider can find a product suiting their needs. There are two different knee protection products on the market: motocross knee protectors (also known as knee guards) and motocross knee braces. Knee guards are hard pads that protect against object thrown towards the knee, such as: mud, rocks and sand. The outside of the protectors are made from a hard and wear resistant material with a soft and comfortable material on the inside. The product are mounted by a strap with Velcro or an elastic strap. In addition to the standard knee guards are also knee pads with a hinge point. These provide extra support, comfort and a larger protected surface. A product that is becoming more and more popular are the motocross knee braces. Motocross knee braces are advanced knee supports that not only protect against objects like rocks and mud but also protects the tendon and ligament in the knee and prevents your knee from twisting. V1mx offers knee and ankle protection from well-known brands such as Alpinestars and UFO.