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The Scott Prospect is the most advanced motocross goggle by the American company. V1mx has a large stock of the Scott Prospect, which enables us to deliver these motocross goggles to you quickly.

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Scott Prospect Technical Features

The most advanced Scott motocross goggle is the Scott Prospect. This goggle is used by many professional riders such as: Pauls Jonass, Austin Forkner, Arnoud Tonus and Justin Barcia. Scott has incorporated a few unique elements in the design of the Prospect to maximize the field of view of the rider, such as a low nose profile, slim frame design and large curvature. Another great feature of the Scott Prospect is the lens lock system. This system makes changing your lens easy and provides a very strong attachment for maximum impact resistance. The outriggers provide comfort and excellent fit in most of the modern helmets by working as an hinge point. The Scott Prospect is one of the best motocross goggles on the market and costs less than €100! Below you will find more details about some of the main technical features.


It is important that your motocross goggle fits good in your motocross helmet. The prospect is therefore equipped with hinge points between the frame and the strap, called outriggers. The outriggers create a custom fit that will work on most modern motocross helmets.


The Lens is also full of technical features. The lens is secured by an easy-to-use lens lock system. This system contains 4 pins which go through holes in the lens. This ensures a very strong fixation. In addition, the lenses are 1mm thick, which provides additional protection against impacts from stones, sand and branches. Finally the lenses have an anti-fog treatment, which prevents the lenses from covering in fog.

Comfort and fitment

Scott has maximized the comfort with the use of 3-layer molded face foam. The foam is ergonomically designed to fit good on your face and doesn’t apply too much pressure on your nose. The first layer is designed to remove sweat and offer a comfortable cushion. The second layers provides a comfortable fit on your face and the third layers acts as a barrier between the motocross goggle and the riders face. The Scott Prospect comes with a 50mm high strap which has 2 lines of silicone. This will make sure the goggle has good grip on the helmet which results in better helmet stability.

Large field of vision

As mentioned above, the Scott Prospect are full technical features. One of the main advantages you get with this goggle is the extra-large field of vision. This has been achieved by incorporating 3 features in the frame design.

Firstly, the lens is very large. Scott increase the height of the lens and lowered the nose profile. This results in a large lens, which reduces visual obstruction.

Secondly, the lens has a large curvature. This results in maximum peripheral vision while riding. peripheral vision is an important factor in motocross races, because the better you see your closest rivals, the better you can battle them.

Third, the frame is thinner so the lens is closer to the face. The thin design increases vision in all directions. The closer the lens is to the eye, the larger the field of vision is. If a frame is too thick, you get a “tunnel effect”. The Prospect was designed slim to avoid this.

Scott Prospect models

There are several versions available for different disciplines of off-road racing. More information about these models is shown below.

Prospects standard

This version has a single lens with tear-off attachments points. The standard version is available in many different colors and is mostly used by dirt bikers who ride on tracks. This version comes with a mirror lens and an extra clear lens.

Prospect WFS

The WFS has a pre-installed roll-off system on the goggles. This ensures good visibility, even in muddy conditions. It has the largest field of view of all motocross goggles with roll-off. The prospect WFS comes with a complete roll-off system, 2 roll-off films and one clear lens.

Prospect enduro

This version is a complete package for enduro riders. It is equipped with a double lens that protects you from branches and stones. No tear-offs can be attached on this ventilated lens. In the latest collection a enduro goggle with light sensitive lens has been added to the line-up. This offers a versatile lens for all light conditions.

Scott Prospect Accessories

There is a wide range of accessories available for the Scott Prospect. The most popular one is the innovative Prospect roll-off system, which is 50mm high. The roll-off system has the largest field of view of all motocross goggles with roll-off available. The alternative to the roll-off systems are tear-offs. For tear-offs you can choose between laminated and standard tear-offs. The advantage of laminated tear-offs is that they stick together, which reduces visual distortion and prevents dirt from getting between the tear-offs.

Scott lenses

All Scott Prospect goggles have the ability to replace the lenses, this way a damaged lens can easily be fixed. For many of the goggles with mirror lenses an extra clear lens is provided in the box, free of charge.

The lenses of the Scott Prospect contain 3 main technical features to protect your eyes and enhance vision. The first and most important aspect of manufacturing is advanced production techniques with high quality materials. This ensures distortion free lenses that can withstand the though condition of off-road motorsports. The second is UV protection. All Scott lenses are optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The last technology is impact resistance. In order to ensure that riders are safe from impacts of pebbles and flying stones all Scott lenses meet and exceed impact resistance requirements for motocross goggles. 

V1mx has many different Scott Prospect lenses available for different situations. The most widely used lens is the clear lens. This is mostly used in cloudy weather or when riding under trees. In addition, mirror lenses are available. Mirror lenses block some sunlight and filter colors so you can see more on the track. Motocross goggles with mirror lenses also give the rider a unique look. To complete the range, Scott also has enduro lenses available for most models. The enduro lenses have a dual layer which improves insulation and reduces the chance of fogging up.

Lens TypeLight TransmissionSuitable ConditionsFilter Class
Light sensitive, Single lens28 - 86%All ConditionsS0 - S2
Light sensitive, Double lens26 - 76%Sunny / CloudsS1 - S2
Clear87%Heavy CloudsS0
Sky Blue54%CloudsS1
Chrome, Electric Blue52%Sunny / CloudsS1
Chrome, Orange48%Sunny / CloudsS1
Chrome, Green40%SunnyS2
Chrome, Silver39%SunnyS2
Chrome, Yellow35%SunnyS2
Chrome, Purple28%SunnyS2
Chrome, Gold23%SunnyS2

Light sensitive

The Scott Prospect light sensitive lens is a versatile barrier that adapts to the weather condition. Perfect for half cloudy days and enduro riders. It features photo-chromic technology and adapts automatically to the sunlight intensity. The lens reacts to light changes within seconds. For example, when exiting the woods direct sunlight will hit the goggle. After just a few seconds the lens will start to get darker. The light sensitive lenses are available for most Scott Motocross goggles.

Buy Scott Prospect

Do you have questions about the Scott Prospect motocross goggles? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you choosing the right product. Due to our large range of motocross goggles we always have a product that suits your needs. Besides the Prospect line there is a wide range of Scott Motocross goggles available, for both beginner and experienced riders.