Neck Brace Motocross

The most common form of neck protection for motocross riders is the neck brace. A motocross neck brace is currently part of the standard equipment of many of the offroad riders. These advanced products protect the cervical vertebrae in case of a crash. Due to the special design of these products, forces are distributed over multiple parts of the body. In addition the brace limits the angle of the neck during and after a fall so that the risk of damage decreases. Besides the neck-brace is also neck support, also known as a foam neck collar. The function of the foam collar is to prevent the neck from bending too far. Often a motocross foam collar is seen as a simplified version of the neck brace.

We provide neck protection from well-known brands such as UFO and Alpinestars. These brands are specialized in making high quality protection for motocross riders. A lot of research and testing with professional riders has ensured that the latest forms of protection have minimal compromise on the freedom of movement of the rider. We offer these protection products at competitive prices so that all motocross riders can ride with optimal protection.

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