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Features and Functions

Kenny motocross pants have been developed by experts in in France. The main construction is designed to offer superior comfort, protection and freedom of movement. Knee inserts provide protection from the heat of the exhaust. To optimise comfort, mesh material is used in certain areas to increase air flowing through the pants. Good ventilation will help to quickly dissipate heat and sweat and optimize the performance of the rider. The materials in motocross pants are of high quality, so it can withstand the harsh conditions of motocross and enduro. All these technical features are important, but you also want to look stylish. Kenny has several lines available with the eye-catching designs. Every year new motocross pants are released with new designs and colours.

Kenny Collection

Due to the wide range of products there are motocross pants available for every rider. The advanced Titanium line is made for the most demanding riders. By using high quality materials, these motocross pants are extremely lightweight. In addition, various ventilation pieces provide cooling for the rider. Finally, it has a stretchy fabric that provides a comfortable connection to the riders body. The Performance line is designed for advanced riders. It is made of strong materials that offer a long lifespan. The Track line is available for novice motocross riders. These affordable motocross pants have all the features needed to go on the track.

Motocross gear set

Motocross pants can also be ordered in combination with the matching motocross jersey and gloves (optionally). The Kenny motocross pants and jerseys can easily be ordered as a gear set at V1mx. You can even order name and number printing service for the jersey.

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Do you have a question about a product or placing an order? Feel free to contact V1mx. We are happy to help you! V1mx has a handy size chart for all pants, so you can easily determine which size you need. Are the motocross pants not to your liking? No problem, you can return new products within a period of 30 days.