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Technical characteristics

The Fury is a new affordable motocross goggle that shares many features with the advanced Prospect line. This also makes it possible to change all accessories such as tear-offs, roll-offs and lenses between the two models. Check out the most important features below

Lens lock system

A good lens retention is important for the safety of the rider. The Scott Fury wort is attached by a click system that goes through the lens. The lens lock system also makes lens replacement a lot easier.

WFS50 Roll-off

The popular Scott WFS 50 roll-off system can be mounted on the Fury. This gives you up to 50 times unobstructed visibility in tough conditions. The Roll-off system is no less than 50mm high which ensures optimal visibility. The roll-off system is not included as standard, but can be ordered separately.

Large field of view

With the Scott Fury, nothing happens unnoticed anymore. These motocross goggles have a large lens that is placed close to the face. This allows you to see more in all directions. Moreover, the lens has a large curve so you can see more in your peripheral vision. The optimal field of vision allows you to better anticipate events during your enduro ride or motocross race. 

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