Oakley FrontLine Motocross Goggles

The Oakley Frontline is one of the best motocross goggles on the market. It is packed with innovative features that enhance the protection, visibility and comfort during riding. Oakley’s experience and collaboration with the best motocross riders in the world has resulted in a unique motocross goggle.

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Frontline Lens

The Oakley Frontline lens is pre-curved, this has several advantages. The lens is injected with high pressure which prevents visual distortions and provides a clear unobstructed view. Additionally, the pre-curved lens provides extra strength because it is not in tension in the motocross goggle. The lens is made of Plutonite, a very strong material that is optically pure. It is the same material that is being used in the popular Oakley Airbrake goggle. The use of Plutonite in combination with the Ridgelock lens fastening system provides high levels of protection against impacts from sand, branches and stones.

New design

The Oakley Frontline has a completely new design, on which much attention went out to maximizing the field of view. Oakley has chosen for an edgeless design, so that the frame won’t block the vision of the rider. The new Ridgelock system ensures that the lens, despite is edgeless design, has a very strong attachment to the motocross goggle. With the Oakley Frontline you can look further ahead and therefore respond better to new situations on the track. Another advantage of the new design is the extra space that can be used to wear glasses under the goggle. The goggle is optimized to provide a good fit to a wide variety of faces and fit well in most motocross helmets

Other features

The Frontline features a nose protector for additional protection. The nose protector is removable, so that the goggle can be adjusted to the rider’s preference. The strap is 50mm high and has 3 stripes of silicone for a good fit on the motocross helmet. Additionally, 3 layers of facial foam provide a comfortable and moisture-absorbing fit and ventilation is optimized with various ventilation ducts.

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