100% Armega

The 100% Armega is the new high-end motocross goggle of the American brand. Take a look at the current collection below.

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Technical properties

After 2 years of development, 100% has introduced their newest motocross goggles. The Armega has many advantages in terms of protection, lens technology and ease of use. More information about the technical features is displayed below.

Ease of use & protection

The Armega lens is attached with an easy click system. It works with 2 levers that you can click open, then the lens can be taken out. Then place a new lens in it, close the 2 levers and you are ready to ride. The attachment with 6 retention points keeps the lens well in place, so you are protected against the elements.

Comfort and Performance

The Armega has a unique ventilation system that drains sweat and prevents the lens from fogging up. In the frame there are large air inlet and channels that work together with the facefoam to remove moisture as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the motocross goggles are equipped with a large 48mm high strap with silicone for maximum grip. The 100% Armega comes with removable nose protection for extra protection against stones and sand.


The lenses of these 100% goggles are 2mm thick and made of high quality injection molded plastic that is pre-curved in the right shape. This has 2 advantages over normal lenses. The first advantage is that there is less distortion in your field of view, which does happen with standard lenses. The second advantage is that these lenses are a lot stronger, so your eyes are better protected against impacts. 100% has also developed special lenses called Hiper. The Hiper lenses improve the contrast, details and colors, so you won’t miss anything anymore.


The company 100% was founded in 1980. Almost immediately the popular logo found a place on the biggest names in motocross. Over the years, 100% has participated in numerous championships and other iconic moments in the sport. Thirty years later, the passion for off-road motorsport is still as great as ever and the brand inspires a new generation of motocross riders. Through the experienced team of designers, engineers and riders, the 100% motocross goggles are equipped with the best technical features. The American company is also known for being one of the largest group of riders. Riders such as Gautier Paulin, Marvin Musquin, Cooper Webb and Glenn Coldenhoff use the 100% Armega to fight for victory. Over the years, collaboration with top athletes has ensured effective development of the motocross goggles.

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