Airoh Aviator Junior

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Aviator Junior Motocross Helmet

The Airoh Aviator junior is an advanced motocross helmet made specifically for young riders. With a starting weight of 900 grams, this is one of the lightest youth helmets on the market. By making it from a combination of carbon and Kevlar composite it becomes very strong but also very light. The Airoh Aviator Junior motocross helmet offers the highest degree of comfort and safety. It is provided with soft and breathable pads on the inside for comfort and the ability to remove them makes cleaning an easy job. A built-in emergency system gives the possibility to remove the cheek pads in case of an accident, this helps to remove the helmet safely from the rider. In addition, the comfort of the helmet is also enhanced by the application of a revolutionary ventilation system. Various air ducts bring cool air in and let hot air flow out again for a cool ride. The air channel in the mouthpiece is provided with a dust filter to supply clean air to the rider even in the toughest conditions. The Airoh Aviator junior helmet is made for motocross and enduro and available in two designs.