Spy Targa 3

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Targa 3 Motocross Goggles

The SPY Targa 3 goggle is the cheapest line of the SPY motocross goggles. These motocross goggles have the same basics as all the other cheap motocross goggles, but the SPY Targa 3 goggles are equipped with some technical components that can be found on the expensive motocross goggles. The frame is made polyurethane that is flexible for a secure fit on the helmet. A layer of ergonomic foam ensures that these motocross goggles will have a comfortable fit to the riders face. The Lexan lens of the SPY Targa 3 goggle is scratch resistance and provided 100% UV protection. A layer of ribbed silicone on the strap will make sure it will stay in place.

There are several accessories available for the SPY Targa 3 goggle. Unwanted sand an mud on the lens can be removed with a Roll-off kit with roll-off rolls or tear-offs. In addition, various colored lenses can be mounted to this goggles. Each lens has different properties to block more or less light and to create more contrast with your surroundings.