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Oneal makes motocross boots that are developed with the best techniques and materials. This in combination with 50 years of experience results in cheap boots with excellent properties. Check out the full range below.

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Oneal is a company that has existed for more than 50 years. Founder Jim Oneal had a passion for off-road motorcycling, but was looking for better equipment to ride. Shortly after that he founded the company Oneal and the rest is history. Oneal is now one of the largest manufacturers of offroad gear. They work with well-known motocross athletes including Dean Wilson and Davi Millsaps. The Oneal motocross gear collection is very extensive, including helmets, boots and suits for all types of riders.

Motocross Boots

Oneal has several models of boots available for off-road riders. The most popular model is the Oneal Rider. The rider offers excellent protection and performance thanks to the metal shaft reinforcements in combination with the injection molded plastic protection plates. Despite the good features, these boots are competitively priced, with a suggested retail price of €169.95. This makes it one of the cheapest motocross boots on the market. The latest model from Oneal is the RMX. These motocross boots are equipped with an integrated sole, improved support and impact foam for optimal protection and comfort. Oneal has different colours available so that there is always a set of motocross boots to match your mx gear.

Enduro and Youth

In addition to motocross boots, Oneal also produces boots for adventurers and enduro riders. Enduro boots are designed to give you more grip, so you can push your bike during tough trails. Finally, the American company also makes boots for children. The Motocross boots for children can be viewed in the youth section of the webshop.

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