Alpinestars Racer Supermatic MX Gloves

The Alpinestars racer Supermatic 2016 glove is a low priced glove which has advanced features. Extra reinforcement and protection is provided by special material on: the fingertips, palm, thumb and inside of the hand. This helps against blisters and protects the most vulnerable spots of the hand. The tips of two fingers have silicone grips which help the control over the lever of the dirt bike. The main part of the glove is made from lightweight spandex which give great comfort and excellent flexibility. The Supermatic gloves can be bought in 5 color combinations. These color combinations have a matching motocross jersey and pants, which can also be bought as a combo kit. The motocross gear combo kit has a lower price than the individual products. This means you can ride the Alpinestars racer Supermatic gear for a very low price. These gloves are also available for children, the Alpinestars racer Supermatic youth gloves.

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