Front brake/clutch cylinder cover Scar - KTM Husqvarna TM GasGas Husaberg Beta Sherco

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The cylinder cover fits the Brake and/or Clutch. See description for more information

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Front brake/clutch cylinder cover Scar - KTM Husqvarna TM GasGas Husaberg Beta Sherco

SCAR is a French company which is specialized in precision machining parts which enhance the performance and give your dirtbike a factory look. The brake and clutch master cylinder covers are made of anodized aluminium and which reduces the weight. They allow you to customize your bike to your liking and effectively seal the master cylinder.

  • Motocross Brake Reservoir Cover
  • Can be used as clutch cover for some models
  • Light weight and durable
  • Anodized
  • Made from aluminium
KTM125 SX2005 - 2015Front Brake
KTM125 SX2016 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM150 SX2009 - 2015Front Brake
KTM150 SX2016 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM250 SX2005Front Brake
KTM250 SX2006 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM250 SX-F2005 - 2006Front Brake
KTM250 SX-F2007 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM350 SX-F2011 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM450 SX-F2005 - 2012Front Brake
KTM450 SX-F2013 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM125 EXC2005 - 2016Front Brake
KTM150 EXC TPI2020 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM250 EXC2005Front Brake
KTM250 EXC2006 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM300 EXC2005Front Brake
KTM300 EXC2006 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM450 EXC2005 - 2006Front Brake
KTM450 EXC2007 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM500 EXC2012 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM250 EXC-F2006 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
KTM350 EXC-F2012 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 2502014 - 2015Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 2502016 - 2017Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 2502019 - 2021Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 3502014 - 2015Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 3502016 - 2017Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 3502019 - 2021Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 4502014 - 2015Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 4502016 - 2017Front Brake
HusqvarnaFC 4502019 - 2021Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 2502014 - 2016Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 2502017Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 3502014 - 2016Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 3502017Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 4502014 - 2016Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 4502017Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 5012014 - 2016Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaFE 5012017Front Brake
HusqvarnaTC 1252014 - 2017Front Brake
HusqvarnaTC 1252019 - 2021Front Brake
HusqvarnaTC 2502014 - 2017Front Brake
HusqvarnaTC 2502019 - 2021Front Brake
HusqvarnaTE 1252014 - 2016Front Brake
HusqvarnaTE 2502014 - 2016Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaTE 2502017Front Brake
HusqvarnaTE 3002014 - 2016Clutch / Front Brake
HusqvarnaTE 3002017Front Brake
TMMX 852010 - 2021Clutch
TMMX 1442010 - 2021Clutch
TMMX 2502010 - 2021Clutch
TMMX 3002010 - 2021Clutch
TMMX 450 Fi2010 - 2021Clutch
TMEN 1442010 - 2021Clutch
TMEN 2502010 - 2021Clutch
TMEN 3002010 - 2021Clutch
TMEN 450 Fi2010 - 2021Clutch
GasGasMC 1252021Clutch / Front Brake
GasGasMC 250F2021Clutch / Front Brake
GasGasMC 450F2021Clutch / Front Brake
HusabergTE 2502011 - 2014Front Brake
HusabergTE 3002011 - 2014Front Brake
HusabergFE 2502013 - 2014Front Brake
HusabergFE 3502013 - 2014Front Brake
HusabergFE 5012013 - 2014Front Brake
HusabergFX 4502010 - 2011Front Brake
BetaRR 250 2T2013 - 2021Clutch
BetaRR 300 2T2013 - 2021Clutch
BetaRR 350 4T2012 - 2021Clutch
BetaRR 390 4T2015 - 2021Clutch
BetaRR 430 4T2015 - 2021Clutch
BetaRR 480 4T2015 - 2021Clutch
BetaXtrainer 250 2T2020 - 2021Clutch
BetaXtrainer 300 2T2015 - 2021Clutch
Sherco125 SE2017 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
Sherco250 SE2013 - 2014Front Brake
Sherco250 SE2015 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
Sherco300 SE2014Front Brake
Sherco300 SE2015 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
Sherco250 SEF2014Front Brake
Sherco250 SEF2015 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
Sherco300 SEF2014Front Brake
Sherco300 SEF2015 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
Sherco450 SEF2014Front Brake
Sherco450 SEF2015 - 2021Clutch / Front Brake
PartBrake cylinder cover front brake
PartClutch cylinder cover


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