Pull-In Motocross Helmets

The French brand Pull-in makes beautiful motocross helmets at an affordable price. Take a look at the full range below.

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Large range of parts

V1mx offers high quality parts to make sure our riders experience maximum performance and durability. The race proven products from well-known brands vary from simple wear parts to engine parts such as pistons and cylinders. Due to our large stock and extensive network we are able to deliver products easily and fast to your doorstep.

This page only shows products which specifically fit on a KTM 300 XC 2014, universal and semi-universal parts are not shown on this page. Are you looking for (semi-) universal parts such as: handlebars, offroad tires or oil? Check out the full range of products on the parts page. Tip: use the V1mx partsfinder to filter all parts in the webshop for a KTM 300 XC 2014.

Engine parts

V1mx has an extensive range of parts for KTM offroad motorcycles. The engines of enduro and motocross bikes are pushed to the limit. With revs above 10000 rpm it is not surprising that an engine from a enduro and dirtbike should be properly maintained. At V1mx you can choose from a wide selection engine parts for a KTM 300 XC 2014. It does not matter if your bike needs just a new piston or a completely new crankshaft, V1mx has most of these items available. Additionally for the serious competition riders we also have tuning parts available. These parts such as exhausts and reed valve systems are designed to improve the performance of your dirtbike. A new exhaust can help you achieve more power output, which helps you to ride faster. It also provides a unique sound, which often sounds better than the standard exhaust. If better sound is your main goal, you can also choose to only get a silencer.


Another easy way to change your bikes performance is by adjusting the gear ratio. For faster acceleration you can buy a front sprocket with less teeth, or a rear sprocket with more teeth. For higher top speeds you can buy a front sprocket with more teeth or a rear sprocket with less teeth. Do not forget to order a new dirtbike chain. A new did chain is available for low prices and almost always available from stock.

Visual tuning

Besides tuning the engine of your dirtbike for extra performance, you can also visually tune your dirtbike. Styling a dirtbike is a hobby in itself, but it will also contribute to better presentation of sponsors. In the dirtbike styling category of V1mx you will find many different products with a wide choice of colors and designs.

Crucial parts and protection

To prevent your KTM 300 XC 2014 parts from wearing out quickly, there are a couple of critical parts. One of these critical components is an efficient cooling system to prevent overheating in the engine. Overheating can cause a lot of damage to your engine parts. It is therefore important to replace the radiator when they are damaged. There are also special solutions to prevent damage to the radiators, for example: radiator louvers and radiator guards. To complete the cooling system V1mx has colored radiator hoses by Samco Sport. Other parts which are very important for keeping your dirtbike engine in good condition are air filters and oil filters. V1mx has dirtbike air filters by Twin Air, these are made of two types of foam. This provides optimum filter characteristics without compromising on engine performance. For 4 stroke dirtbikes the oil filters are also an essential part of your engine. It filters metal particles and other debris out of the engine oil.

Conditions can be extreme in the sport of enduro and motocross. Therefore, there are several solutions to protect your dirtbike as good as possible. The dirtbike protection includes: skidplates, swingarm protectors and brake disc protectors.

Dirtbike Tires

The right tire choice for enduro and dirtbikes have much effect on the drivability and speed you can achieve. It is not without a reason that V1mx has a useful page dedicated for dirtbike tires. You can easily fill in the required sizes and filter the tires by the type of dirt you will ride on. Here you can choose from many different types, from sand to hard pack dirtbike tires. In addition, you can also select tires that are specifically designed for motocross, enduro or cross country racing. V1mx offers tires from the best brands such as: Bridgestone, Dunlop, Kenda, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli.

Top brands

Motocross and enduro are though sports and good quality parts are necessary. The range of dirtbike parts from V1mx includes: Vertex, All Balls, Athena, ProX, Twin Air, Braking and many other top brands. In short, we have everything to keep your dirtbike in top condition with very competitive prices!