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The French company Kenny produces affordable motocross goggles in a variety of versions. Take a look at the current range below.

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Kenny has a nice collection of goggles for different situations. The standard motocross goggles are equipped with a transparent lens for cloudy conditions. There is also a version with a mirror lens. Motocross goggles with mirror lenses work the same as sunglasses, they partially block the light so you are less likely to be blinded. The lenses are replaceable, so you can change them during your training or race day if conditions change. Finally, there is also a version with roll-off system. This is perfect for riders who want to ride in muddy conditions.

Kenny Racing

Kenny is a French company that has been making equipment for off-road riders since 1981. Today the company has dozens of employees with a passion for sport. The products are continuously tested by both amateurs and professional riders. Among others Jeremy van Horebeek and Jordi Tixier ride in Kenny motocross gear. Based on their experience in competitive racing, the products are put to the test, resulting in constant innovation. At V1mx, the full range of Kenny is available.

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