Alias Motocross Gloves

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The Alias motocross gloves are now available in new beautiful designs and colors. Many professional races have won using the equipment of the American brand. The 2016 collection of Alias mx gloves consists of the standard AKA, AKA youth and the new lighter AKA Lite. The Lite version is equipped with tensioning Velcro that is built-in the top material. The built-up with just a few components causes it to have only a few seams which reduces the irritation when wearing it. Both versions feature a Airprene inside which increases the breathability. A new design in 2016 ensures a better fit and the silicone grip at the fingertips increases the control over the dirt bike or enduro motorcycle. With a total of 14 different color combinations every rider will be able to find an Alias glove that suits his style.

These products are also available in combination with a matching motocross pants and motocross jersey: a full gear combo kit. The Alias gear combo kits at V1mx are very competitively priced!